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All phones capable of taking photos in RAW / DNG

All phones capable of taking photos in RAW / DNG

Take photos in RAW format It is something only recommended for those who are going to apply an edition after taking the photograph and who know what they are doing, otherwise taking photographs in RAW format is wasting time or even worsening the photo.

The fact is that Android mobiles already have cameras that are good enough to get the most out of RAW photographs that are normally taken. capture in .DNG format (one of the many formats of RAW photos). Now, not all cameras are compatible with RAW format and that is why you might like to know which mobiles are capable of taking pictures in .RAW. In many devices, RAW capture is supported, but the mobile is not capable of viewing the photos, nor does it have this option integrated into the standard camera. In the event that your mobile supports RAW and you want to take photos in RAW for free, you have applications for it.

What phones allow you to take pictures in RAW format?

Not only Androids shoot in RAW although we have focused on them, there are some nokia lumia like the 1020, 1520 and 830 that are also capable of taking RAW photos.

Do you know any other mobile that is capable of capturing photos in RAW format? Some Chinese mobiles begin to bring RAW capture also standard, little by little we will add them to the list. If you know of any that we have not included, you can add them in the comments and we will expand the list. Is it worth shooting in RAW? There is also an application to know if the mobile supports RAW, it is this.