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AC Liberation HD vs AC III: Liberation

AC Liberation HD vs AC III: Liberation

Could it have been better a year ago?

So I just wonder why the improved version Assassins Creed Liberation HD is twice cheaper than Assassins Creed III Liberation… Everyone knows what the PS Vita version looks like and how many problems were with it. How will the upgraded version on PS3 be different from the one on PS Vita?

Screenshots from the PS3 version:

and trailer:

Screenshots from the PS Vita version:

I remember in November 2012 buying the PS Vita + Assassins Creed III Liberation starter kit. At the beginning, of course, I was delighted with the game, especially since I had completed AC III on a stationary console a few days earlier. Unfortunately, I got bugs over time, but I managed to finish the game with problems. The same studio is responsible for both productions – Ubisoft Sofia. Looking at the first materials from the PS3 game port, I can confidently answer the question from the headline – it could have been done better. Of course, we will try to get the PS3 version (premiere in January 2014), test it for you and compare it to the PS Vita version.

We will not get patches for the PS Vita version, nor will we get any price reductions. It’s a bit sad that Assassins Creed III Liberation could look like it does on PS3 from the beginning. Unfortunately, we got a bugged PS Vita game that Ubisoft quickly forgot …