A world of light and magic awaits you in the great Sky: Children of the light

Sky: Children of the Light arrived a couple of days ago and it is an exploration game and adventures in which you will be able to explore its 7 worlds of light and magic. A whole experience awaits you in this free game in which you will need a good machine.

And we say it because it is a game that demands resources due to animations, its vast grounds and led work finished in lighting. In other words, since you have a mid-range phone, you will suffer to find a smooth experience without any slowdowns. Go for it.

A kingdom of light and magic

There are games that hook us for different things, and this is one that enters directly through the eyes. The initial protagonist with that oneiric world full of panoramas that generate a visual experience as we like it, takes us to the desire to discover those 7 kingdoms in which we have to recover the stars of the constellations.

The goal is this. We are the children of light and we have to recover the stars of the constellations. And in fact we can even cooperate with other players and interact with them. A game in which multiplayer is not missing either and in which if we use headphones we will be able to enjoy a lot in these difficult days for everyone.

Sky: Children of the light is developer by the creators of Journey, a game that received the applause of critics and that has made it possible for them to reach this day to present an entire multiplayer game in which adventure and exploration are their greatest gifts; apart from everything said on a technical and visual level.

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Cooperate with more players in Sky: Children of the Light

The incredible thing about this game is that not only have they brought us an adventure that we could enjoy 100% from the perspective of playing alone, but they wanted it to have that multiplayer aspect online so that we can meet even more people to discover the world together.

A world in which we will be able improve the wings of our protagonist to jump higher and even fly. And we need it because we are facing a world large enough to enjoy the sensation of flying freely; and we do not say it to say, it is like that. This is another of its greatest virtues and if we want a game in which to spend such a magical time with a friend, it is more than ideal.

Altogether on Sky: Children of the Light we have 7 magic kingdoms. These are the perfect setting to venture with more players through dark places, save spirits and discover ancient treasures. Sky: Children of the light has that magical point that it seems that we are discovering the lost ark of Noah.

Connections with others are essential

Sky: Children of the light has also wanted us to have personal skills to communicate with others. Gestures such as gifts or the same body expressions that we can activate from the side menu that is activated when we click on the wing icon located at the top. We also have to count on future updates that add new worlds, seasonal events and other types of attractions that are more than important to keep the player community active for months. We can go to Forgotton Anne to find a game with similar concepts.

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We arrive at the most technical and visual part of the appointment to make it clear that we are facing the one who could be the “Breath of the Wild” for Android mobiles. Visually it is a small work of art. The animations are great, it moves with fear on a high-end mobile like the Note 10+ and the soundtrack is exciting to put aside the real world and let ourselves be inspired by it. The places and history add many points to complete a magical experience. Yes, it is true that it does not reach the open world of the Nintendo game, but it does have enough to generate that feeling of a large world to explore.

Sky: Children of the light is another of the best arrivals we have had on Android and that shows that we are at the beginning of another era of understanding gaming. We say it for the fact of having all those skills of connections through networks, chats and more than one mobile device plus the comfort of playing games from the comfort they offer. Now we wait for this game to be updated to give more content. Of ten.

Editor’s opinion

A world of magic as the current best visual experience from the perspective of cooperative multiplayer to fly with friends.

Punctuation: 8.4

The best

  • Exceeds given expectations visually and technically
  • This in Spanish
  • Play with friends and explore the world together
  • Animations are great
  • The work done with the lighting creates brilliant scenes full of magic
  • One more step to gaming from a mobile
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  • It lacks a little more tension or the feeling of facing danger

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