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A OnePlus physical store in Spain? This seems to indicate yes

A OnePlus physical store in Spain? This seems to indicate yes

There is no doubt that OnePlus has become one of the most influential brands in our market. Its sales have always focused on online sales channels, but the brand is changing this. This news gives us a very good indicator that pWe may have a physical OnePlus store in Spain in the future.

Do you want to know what has led us to say this? She just keeps reading. Before continuing, I remind you that here you can learn how to install the OnePlus 6 camera on any mobile.

The OnePlus physical store in Spain could be a reality soon

At the moment they had only opened stores outside of Europe but, now, OnePlus is going to open a physical store in Paris. So far so good but you have to look further, in their roadmap they have something similar to what Xiaomi has done.

Namely, expand across Europe with physical stores in order to offer a better service to the end customer. We all know that it is not the same to buy a mobile phone online than in a physical store, even subjectively it affects us.

And hey, we’re not going to be the ones to criticize him. We like that brands make these types of movements but you have to know that it brings “bad” things. More brand prestige equals a somewhat higher price. In addition, this supposes an extra cost in all aspects. Even so, it should not be something excessive and that only the future will tell.

This store will be available before the “big event”, that is, the OnePlus 6T of which we even know its design. The French store will not only offer mobile phones and after-sales service, it will also take care of selling accessories as expected.

We hope that in the future OnePlus will gradually expand throughout Europe. At the end of the day if you start opening physical stores you will almost certainly will open more in other countries. What do you think the brand will end up doing? Would you like to have a OnePlus store in Spain? Leave us your opinion in the comments section.

Source | Giz China