A great suspense story awaits you with Lifeline 2 in which your Android Wear watch will be of great help

Lifeline 2 follows the suspenseful story of its predecessor and it takes us to a game where it is important to have at some point something to hold on to in order to survive in certain moments where our life may be in danger. These two video games make us aware of how important life itself is and how risky it can be to make certain decisions at crucial points where we can end up in a destiny that we did not think was going to be ours.

Lifeline 2 returns with a suspense story with which we will move to a world where humanity is challenged again. We will become part of the life of the protagonist named Arika who wants to take revenge on her parents. She wants justice and aside from this goal, she wants to find her missing brother. What we must do is help her in her task to rescue her loved ones from the enemies who will try to make her not fulfill hers but in this video game that completely goes beyond the freemium model to be offered from the Play Store from a single payment.

Combining it with Android Wear

One of the most striking features of Lifeline 2 is that it is optimized for Android Wear so that important notifications about the game can be received throughout the day, since the story is framed in real time. The game also offers access to an important 28-minute original track that puts the necessary emphasis on vital moments of the gameplay. This has been composed by Norma Fairbanks.

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The interaction with the character Arika is vital to understand and being able to get away with the tricks that the main character of this video game will face. We can even use our watch under Android Wear to answer it or guide it through the common thread of the great story that this video game tells.

It is important that we are attentive to every decision and step that we take since it will depend on how the story turns out and that can remind us of the treatment that TellTale Games makes in each of those Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. We are following a true story, so we must complete each part.

A personalized finish according to your decisions

If Android Wear is one of the greatest features of this video game, the decisions we make will result in quite a different endingso we are facing one of those games that, even if we finish it, it will be interesting that we start it again to know what will happen if we go to other places.

So we have two characteristics that allow us to be at quite a unique game in order to know that history that leads us to the destiny of all humanity and which we must face in order to solve its problems. Arika, in the end, is a mere instrument, so the end of Lifeline 2 will depend on you.

Lifeline 2 is available on the Play Store at a price of €3.36 no in-app purchases, so you’ll have all the content if you decide to purchase it. A video game that is close to Lost Echo, although here it is more like a graphic adventure with a good dose of romance.

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in technical quality

We are facing a video game that it is played a lot from the notification panel and what would be the text, which is not in Spanish, and which can pose several difficulties for this very reason. The graphics are not its central axis, but rather those characteristics in finding out the plot, so its technical elements go towards the depth of the story and that of its characters.

So, if you are looking for another type of game where take it easy and have a good knowledge of English, Lifeline 2 can be yours without further delay.

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  • Its originality with Android Wear
  • His story


  • That is not translated into Spanish

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