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A 49-inch 4K Smart TV for 399 euros? This Haier is for you!

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A 49-inch 4K Smart TV for 399 euros? This Haier is for you!

Smart TVs with 4K are no longer as expensive as before and today it is easy to find one at a good price if we look closely. Haier has two very interesting models. Do you want to see them? If you are one of the first 20 you will get free a Xiaomi Mi Box with Android TV thanks to this promotion that lasts from March 26 to April 2.

The Haier U55H7000 and U49H7000, from 55 and 49 inches respectively, are the best option. They are available on sale in limited units and are They ship from Europe with a 2-year guarantee in Spain..

Haier is a well-known brand and these two TVs are a smart buy. By €399 (49 inches) and €469 (55 inches) you can’t buy anything like it, perfect for watching Netflix, DTT or playing video games.

What can these Haier 4K with Smart TV do?

These two TVs can meet the needs of anyone, as they have true 4K resolution and also Smart TV, perfect for watching Netflix, surfing the Internetetc.

It should also be clarified that they have DTT in High Definition and are natively compatible with Netflix 4K content. Its sound is also good as well as the quality of the materials.

Free shipping with guarantee and SAT in Europe

Another thing to note about this offer is that the shipping is free and the warranty is localWell, many people are scared when buying on the Internet because they have to send their products to China for repair.

On this occasion the shipment is made from Europe so there is no risk of customs. If you want to see their features We leave them summarized here:

In the video you can see the design from TV, watch the menus, etc. but we already anticipate that it is designed to work in Spain, since the firm officially sells it at a higher price in stores.

How can I buy one of these Haier TVs in Spain?

The offer is available in limited quantities of its two models. If you want to get one of the Haier TVs, you only need to enter through the following link (choosing the size) and make the purchase. You will have a 2-year warranty in Spain and SAT in the country.

With shipping from Europe and discount

If you are going to buy from Spain use the previous buttons, for purchases from any other country (since you can buy from anywhere), you can use the global version of the store, also with shipping from Europe and with shipping to Spain.

Use the coupons 40TV600 for the 55-inch model and 30TV500 for the 49-inch model if you want to save a few euros.

If you buy one of these TV From March 26 to April 2 you can get a free Xiaomi Mi Box 4K with the purchase.