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5 things we expect from OnePlus 6T, the next Chinese beast

5 things we expect from OnePlus 6T, the next Chinese beast

Although until recently the arrival of the OnePlus 6T, it has been revealed that the Chinese company is working on the development of its new flagship. The mobile will be presented at the end of 2018 according to Android Authority and we hope that, for the good of all, it will be launched with these features.

OnePlus has reserved the technical specifications of its next top of the range. However, at Androidphoria we are convinced that if the OnePlus 6T wants to be more successful than the OnePlus 6, have toto count, among other things, with these 5 charactersistics.

The 5 things we want to see yes or yes in the OnePlus 6T

Certified to be water and dust resistant

Despite the fact that the OnePlus 6 was launched in 2018 and is listed as a high-end with all of the law, the mobile has lagged far behind by not acquiring certification for resistance to water and dust (it does have protection elements liquids). Although there will be no major problems due to splashes, the mobile cannot boast of diving into a pool or elsewhere successfully.

So, we pray that the OnePlus 6T does have, at least, IP67 certification, which makes it submersible up to 1 meter under water for up to 30 minutes. Now if we see the IP68, we will be riding in the 1.5 meter car for approximately 30 minutes.

Improved battery

OnePlus mobiles have a battery that provides good results. However, when looking at the main features of the OnePlus 6T, it must be said that this terminal will have to mount a larger battery compared to the one found in the OnePlus 6. One of 3,500 mAh, like mminimum, it can be a great advance for the firmexceeding the 3,300 mAh of the OnePlus 6. Of course, in addition to having fast charging, you must also acquire the following feature.

wireless charging

A representative of the Chinese firm had said that OnePlus did not feel the desire or need to add wireless charging but this may be about to change. There are hundreds of users clamoring for this feature and maybe the company is finallyI’m going to reasonon and take into account the requestof your customers. If this function arrives, it will be much more practical to start charging the mobile in this way instead of plugging it in.

headphone jack

Bluetooth headphones are really amazing but not all of them have the necessary quality that normal headphones do. This, precisely this is what some of the customers do not want, who consider that leaving the headphone jack behind is going back a pretty big step. Let’s hope OnePlus reflects and develops the OnePlus 6T with this featureistic.

Same colors for all versions of RAM and storage memory

This has been one of the requests that has had the most follow-up. Ideally, if there are three versions of memoryAll colors are available to choose from according to our tastes. This does not happen in all versions of the OnePlus 6, where only the 8 GB + 128 GB version can be had in red, for example, while the smaller versions only come in one color.

What do you hope to see in the OnePlus 6T? We await your opinions on this.