5 sections to assess when buying a new mobile that you did not know

The Christmas season is approaching and the fact of acquiring a new mobile is the order of the day. Many users rush to change their mobile or look for some to give to their loved ones – here are 5 examples of cheap smartphones to give away – but there are certain aspects that you may not know. To do this, we collect 5 things that you did not know that you had to consider when you think about buying a new mobile phone.

These types of devices do not usually last more than two years and for some reason they always end up breaking down. There is also the option to simply you have tired or look for better specifications. In any case, I leave you in this article the advantages of changing your mobile every two years.

5 things to keep in mind to buy a mobile that you did not know

First of all, I have to say that you may know these “tricks” so to speak. I invite you to leave us in the comments your opinion about themif you knew them and if you know of any more.

Community is essential

Precisely this concept I learned by force. Before the Xiaomi Mi5 that I have now, with a simply huge community by the way, I had a MeizuMetal. If these mobiles do not usually have too many developers behind them, this particular model it was not meant to be outside of China.

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ROM bugsthe mobile medium in english and spanish Y can’t even root it They were just some of the problems I had, and let’s not talk about thinking about changing ROMs. Although when buying a mobile you are not to mess with it I recommend that you choose a known terminal since you don’t know when you can take the step to a more advanced level as was my case. Also, if something fails youYou will always have forums with users willing to help you.

Warranty isn’t everything, make sure you have spare parts on hand

By this I mean that you do not always have to buy a mobile with a guarantee yes or yes. In my case, I have saved 100 euros approximately for leaving aside the guarantee for example. If you take care of the mobile you will not have problems, although if you are going to do this, make sure that It is a recognized model and easy to repair.

Also, if you are a little handy and you like to get your hands on your terminal, it may be your option. For example, replacing the battery of a Xiaomi Mi5 does not cost more than 10-15 euros and you only need a suction cup, a screwdriver and a little skill. I was surprised how easy it is… Had you thought about this variant when buying a mobile?

A top of the range from last year is not a bad option

Whenever we look for a mobile, we look for the latest of the latest. The best processor, the best sensor… It’s an endless list, but I must tell you that you may be wrong or at least he has not valued this in the same way that we do. In my personal case, I bought a top of the range from last year and I couldn’t be more delighted.

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I have a Snapdragon 820, 3 GB of RAM, an impressive design and a camera that is really capable of taking good photos and videos for 175 euros. I’m talking about a Xiaomi Mi5 and for what it cost me -I bought it this summer- cWe laugh that he had no competition if it is compared with the mid-range that is around those prices… What do you think?

The details make the difference

Sometimes we substitute certain aspects that we think are not necessary but really once you try them you cannot live without them. For example, the current mid-range is characterized due to the lack of certain details such as fast charging -if we opt for a top of the range from last year, as was my case, this does not happen to us- among some others.

In cheaper ranges we can still think that the lack of the fingerprint reader is not exactly bad, but to tell the truth it is essential. If we go back to the previous example, in my personal case I can no longer live without fast charging. In half an hour I have battery for a whole day if I really mean it and that’s something I’ve gotten used to and it would be hard for me to part with.

There are more shopping options apart from online and physical stores

It can be thought that if we want to buy a new mobile it must be in online stores or directly in the second-hand market, but it is not entirely the case. Nevertheless, there are really interesting “hybrid” markets. We can opt for second-hand platforms and look for new or sealed mobiles, but the price is not entirely attractive.

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We recommend the different sales forums such as HTCMania, one of the best known. In this type of forums we can do really interesting deals and very good prices.

I bought a Xiaomi Mi5 this summer and in Chinese stores it was around 180 euros, although I didn’t feel like waiting 1 month for my new mobile to arrive. That’s why I opted for the HTCMania sales forum, I paid 200 euros with shipping in 24 hours included for a new mobile with Global ROM and the panel that does not give ghosting problems… A good deal, right?

So far our 5 recommendations have come when buying a mobile that you probably did not know. I hope they have been to your liking and I invite you to leave your opinion about them in comments and if you already knew them or not.

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