5 reasons why Clash Royale is the best game

In this article we want to give you 5 reasons why Clash Royale is the best game. It is possible that at this point you have not yet tried the Supercell game, which is one of the great successes of the moment. We have been hooked since its launch and we are close to reaching 4,000 trophies. It is a game that advances a lot, since every month we have some interesting update. Therefore, we are going to give you some reasons why I consider it to be the best game (a 100% personal article).

5 reasons why Clash Royale is the best game

They add new cards constantly

Unlike other games, this game is continually receiving new updates. We really like to always have new cards: legendary, epic and special cards that every 2 months on average appear in the game to increase the excitement.

New cards mean new decks. One of the most common cards now in many decks is the Mega Minion, as is the Miner or **** Dragon. They are very popular cards that do not have any waste, they are great and they begin to be more than protagonists in many decks.

And one of the most special cards is yet to come… the skeleton spella very strong legendary that is likely to become a must-have in many decks.

New features like new chests and tournaments

Clash Royale updates also add new features continuously. The last one we had by adding new epic and legendary chests. Some time ago we also had changes in tournaments, for better or worse, because there are users who confess to having stopped playing tournaments because now you have to checkout (or play the classic challenge of only 10 gems) which is not very easy to win, or deprived of the clan.

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The good thing about Clash Royale without a doubt has to do with the fact that constantly adding features and that binds and motivates users to play. Unlike many other games, Supercell is doing very well in this regard.

It’s a game that gives you money to play

Many users have become youtubers and are making a living from talking about Clash Royale in videos. There are also tournaments like the Samsung one that raffled up to 8,000 euros in prizes. There are many tournaments like these (perhaps not with such good prizes), but they are highly interesting. It is important that if you play Clash Royale you are aware of all the ways to get money (in case you are interested). But it is a reason that motivates many users to play.

This third reason why Clash Royale is the best game has to do with the tournaments that give prizes. There are many tournaments that you can find and play to win real money and prizes.

The game is free and affordable in-app purchases

Although there are a lot of gems in Clash Royale who have spent money to have all the cards and very high levels, against that you will not be able to fight unless you spend as much money as him. Nevertheless, it is a free game and in-app purchases are affordable. A legendary chest can be bought many times for 500 gems, which is about 5 euros. It’s not that much either! And it is that Clash Royale is much more than a game, because as we told you in the previous reason, many users earn a lot of money with it.

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You won’t have to checkout to win, but you will have to raise the level of your cards or even sand faster. Playing a lot, you will get where you want to go. Especially if you are good. But yes, the in-app purchases are affordable because they start from 1 euro and sometimes putting 5 euros into it you can do interesting things. The new chests pay off, because in proportion you always save money. There are packs for 9.99 euros from time to time very interesting.

It’s very fun and social

The fifth reason why it is the best game (for me) could not be other than this. Clash Royale is so much fun. You will have a great time in battles, especially when you win your enemy because you can laugh a lot at him. In the clans you can also make friends and have a good laugh with them.

It is a game that unlike others it’s social and it’s a lot of fun. You can get very angry when you lose, when your cards go wrong or when you meet a gem that has won with the deck that everyone uses or the most abusive strategy… (rocket, crossbow, noble giant…), but when you win, you can laugh all you want.

Ready to have fun? Try Clash Royale.

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