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5 fighting games that you will love

5 fighting games that you will love

The games of combat melee have been one of the games that most attract the attention of gamers. Having a fighting game on our mobile helps us a lot to unload our stress on the screen and not off it. That’s why today we bring you 5 big titles of this great genre.


compete in the octagon and be champion mma is a challenge that you can achieve in this game of the UFC. Excellent graphics and an almost unbeatable gameplay to which the studios of EA Sports we are used to.

You can choose between fights between men or women. You can also choose any of the best fighters today and even Bruce Lee It is one of the options that you will have available.

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat is a unique fighting game. Being able to attack your opponent after beating them is very attractive to any player.

In Mortal KombatX you can fight matches 3 against 3. You can also unlock new fighters to expand the great list you have. You can too customize your own character with outfits, fighting stances, and even ways to taunt your opponent.

In the online combat you can choose between challenging other players or looking for allies.

Fight Soccer Players

At last we have the possibility to decide which player is better. Can you imagine a fight between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo? Will Neymar cry if he loses? We are sure that it is not the best fighting game on the list, but the idea of ​​fighting with soccer players is very attractive.

Unfortunately the game does not have the rights to use the real names of the players, so you will get Nesi, Romualdo Y Merendona Like some of the characters.

Shadow Fight 3

A new title of this great saga for our enjoyment. As in the previous games, you have a large array of outfits Y weapons to improve your skills.

A great story and a great map to explore are a great combination for one of the most difficult games you’ll find on the Play Store.


To close this list we bring another great combat classic. Tekken is he most successful fighting game of all time. In its version for Android receives constant updates to improve the player experience.

You can choose between more of 20 characters, Paul, Kauya, xiaoyu, Law Y Little girl are just some of the fighters you can choose from. Each one with over 20 special moves which you must unlock.