5 essential tips for PUBG Mobile: how to be a better player and reach the last circle

If you want to get out of trouble PUBG Mobile, a game that rewards survival more to kill countless players, today we show you 5 tips or tricks to reach the final round where you can get your chicken dinner. A game in which two important aspects to take into account are added, such as being a shooter as well as a survival game.

And it is this very thing that confuses many players who, coming from known shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield or Counter Strike, they throw themselves into the fray forgetting that PUBG Mobile places more importance on the aspect of survival than killing 20 players. Of course, if you manage to get to the chicken dinner with the most deaths under your belt, it will be the best.

Your style of play and your team

The first tip goes through know what your style of play is and adapt weapons to it. This means that you know each of the weapons that PUBG Mobile offers, since you will not always have that deadly combination with which you feel very comfortable. In other words, if at any time you have to pull an AKM and a Winchester, it will be important to provide you with the necessary accessories, such as the silencer for the AKM.

Stop by the armory to take some time to try out all the weapons with their accessories. It changes a lot to use a vertical grip instead of an angular one on a 416, so give it a try. The former will not have as much vertical recoil when shooting, while the angular one, especially on close range weapons, will allow you to launch a “spray” of bullets to kill faster.

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Loot as fast as you can

To “loot” quickly you have to visually know the differences between the muffler for an M416 and that of a pistol. This will allow you to save yourself going through rooms by seeing at a glance what is in it. The faster you pick up weapons, the faster you’ll be ready to defend or attack.

We again recommend that you stop by the armory and memorize the visual differences between the various mufflersthe color that distinguishes the 5.56 and 7.74 ammunition or the different weapons when they are on the ground.

Configure your controls

In PUBG Mobile we have two ways to shoot: one is shooting with the right button while we move (special for some situations) and the second shooting button located on the left. The latter will allow you to stand still on the spot while using your left hand to shoot while your right hand is aiming as the enemy moves.

Another trick is that you change the color of the peephole, enlarge the buttons you use most often and go coupling each one according to your style of play. This will take a few weeks while you optimize the controls.

You are not Rambo, you are a survivor

80% of the score you get in classic mode to rank up in the season based on your survival points. You can kill 2 players and be among the first to collect a good amount of points. Kill 20 and don’t finish among the first and you’ll be barely out of points.

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PUBG Mobile’s system is based on survival, so keep in mind that how do they kill you when there are more than 40 alive, surely you lose many points. At lower levels it won’t have much of an effect, but when you’re running around Crown or Diamond, I can assure you it’s very raging.

With this I also want to get to the point that if the fight does not come to you, be smart and avoid the. We also recommend that you spend the first time in the game collecting loot and having a good team, so that when they reach the final circles you are heading towards death or victory.

Choose well who you are going to parachute with

Yes you play with friends everything in PUBG will be easier, since you will use the microphone to share equipment, the location of an enemy or propose strategies. But there will be plenty of times when you launch into “randoms” to play your way up the season.

On the map we indicate the hot spots according to the direction that the plane crosses. In green the points where players are scarce, while the orange stripe indicates the entire extension where you will find squads. The red dots are the hot ones where the majority tend to go. You can get an idea by drawing a line perpendicular to the direction of the plane.

If so, do not follow a squad that, at first, tells you to parachute with them. It is preferable wait to be on the plane and indicate where you want to go or see where they are going. If they go to hot spots like Pochinki or Sin type in Miramar, it is preferable to throw yourself to a very distant place and then join them if they have been able to survive.

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We recall that here you have to use intelligence in combat, is what PUBG Mobile is based on; especially if you don’t play with a squad of friends with which everything changes.

With this series of PUBG Mobile cheats, and the new update that just arrived today, you will be able to be a better player in PUBG Mobile and reach the latest circles in the fashion game.

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