5 applications that will help you flirt this summer 2017

It is no secret to anyone that the holidays have arrived, many people at this time are single fortunately or unfortunately, It depends on your sentimental situation. However, do not lie down to die for that girl who has broken your heart or vice versa, here we will help you flirt this summer so you don’t stay alone and you may even find your better half or love of your life.

It’s true, There are many applications that to flirt today, but we do not bring you the usual ones like Tinder, Badoo and others that are very well known. Today, we have selected you 5 apps you probably didn’t know existed and that they are to flirt with some summer affair. Take advantage of the fact that they are completely free to download them to your smartphone, if you find a partner through these applications, do not hesitate to take them to the beach to enjoy this great time of year.

5 applications that are not typical to flirt

Are you desperately looking for someone to spend this summer with? If you haven’t found it, it’s because you’re looking in the wrong place. Why go to bars to flirt? if through these applications you can become a complete casanova.


With this application you will be able to link people very easily and meet people with your same interests. Chat, exchange photos or meet someone to meet in person, in addition, you can Sign up easily with your Facebook, Twitter or email account. This application has a function called flirt radar to check the people who are near you in real time, use it to find a partner!

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This application is very interesting, the radar to find people is very effective and you may get the love of your life just around the corner. If you are skilled, you can write to the person immediately and meet for coffee in less than 2 minutes, that happens if he is very close to you.


This application has something interesting that attracts when using it. Well nothing more and nothing less shows you all the people you met on the street and you didn’t know, all the people you find on the street who use the application. This is something interesting and very intriguing to know who uses the application while you walk, you may even run into the love of your life.


This application is dedicated to all women who want to find their Prince Charming just for the summer. It’s supposed to find friends and you may have some romance after friendship, in its search system we are not very surprised, since it is very similar to Tinder What is it about? Here the dynamic is very simple, you have to choose if you like the person or not, choose if you like or not by dragging the profile picture to the left or right. Even though, If you want to stand out, we recommend that you join VIP.


This application offers a chat and video chat service. Is something type like chatroullete to connect with anyone, You will have to choose if you are looking for men or women and enter the search. Yes, the application will automatically connect you with a person and you decide if you want to talk to her or move on to the next one.

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BRO: The Bromance App For Men

This is a very interesting and intended application for men looking for other men. Whether they are looking for friendship or something else, they can choose the options from the settings and is an alternative to Grindr, since you can find friends by their tastes and interests. A problem that we found is that it is completely in English, although it is not something that means that it is bad.

If these applications have not convinced you very much, you have to try another 5 applications to flirt from your mobile completely free. Although, did you know that you can link on Twitter? Of course, it will take you much longer to do it on this social network and you may end the summer and not find someone, but we assure you that with these tips you will become an expert flirting on Twitter. Have you tried any of these apps?