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3 screen protectors for the OnePlus 6T cheaper than the official one

3 screen protectors for the OnePlus 6T cheaper than the official one

There is no doubt that buying the OnePlus 6T is one of the most viable options if you do not want to spend too much money on a top of the range. If you have already done it and you are looking for best tempered glass screen protectors for your new mobile you are in the right place.

Screen protectors cheaper than the original for the OnePlus 6T on Amazon

In case you don’t know, OnePlus has released a screen protector… for more than 20 euros. They say a lot of good things about it but there are much better options for less than half the money in which the fingerprint reader on the screen works just as well.

iVoler – 3 for the price of one

This option from iVoler, a well-known brand in this regard, has seemed to us to be one of the best purchases. For less than 8 euros you can have neither one, nor two, (nor three) but three screen savers tempered glass for your OnePlus 6T. Comes with a black border which is quite nice once placed.

If you look at the opinions you will see that it is a product that is worth it and, for this price, you are taking time to buy it from the link below.

RIFFUE – “As if I wasn’t wearing anything”

If you buy this option you will have two units for about 7 euros and what we liked the most is that It only has the camera hole. If you are looking for it to get as dirty as possible and to make it look like you are not wearing anything, this is your purchase.

The opinion he has is quite good so you won’t get bad. Its price is not very high either, so you have to take it into account.

Peloo – good, nice and cheap

All opinions with 5 stars, 3 units and 8 euros. We do not need to tell you much more, the decision is in your hand. The most difficult of all this is to choose between the three models that we have put on the table. The design is quite classic, it follows the line of the “mini notch” and is transparent, but it delivers what it promises.

This is our selection of the best screen protectors for this beast of the Chinese brand. I remind you that from here you can take a look at all the information about the new OnePlus 6T «McLaren Edition», although you will have to prepare your portfolio.

What do you think of these protectors? Have you found a better one that we haven’t included?