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3 Santa Claus games for Android that you should play this Christmas

3 Santa Claus games for Android that you should play this Christmas

Christmas is about love, solidarity, family time… But above all about fun. For Android devices there are an infinity of Christmas games to have fun this Christmas but, honestly, there are few that really entertain and offer what they appear to be.

The best games in which Santa Claus is the protagonist

We have tried many games available on the Play Store but not all of them are worth it. From this article you will be able to know the three best in which santa claus is the main character.

Virtual Santa BMX Bicycle Gift Delivery Rider!

Have you ever wondered if it should be fun to be Santa Claus and ride a sleigh delivering gifts? Well, I don’t know if by sleigh, but delivering gifts by bicycle is. In this game you will be Santa and you will drive a bike to deliver gifts to all the children in the community and make them happy. In summary, This Christmas game for Android is one of the funniest that we can find in the Play Store.

Santa Claus Run Merry Christmas

If you like them platform video games Mario Bros style, then you will love to play Santa Claus Run Merry Christmas. In this adventure you will have to control Santa and go through different fantasy worlds set in snow mountains, jungles, forests and spooky places jumping and crushing enemies. The goal is to prevent villains, monsters and zombies from ruining Christmas.

Remember that, if you want to immerse yourself even more in the Christmas spirit, be sure to install these 4 applications so you don’t get bored at Christmas.

Santa Christmas Infinite Track

Drive Santa’s sleigh at full speed and deliver gifts to bring joy to the children who are anxiously waiting for you; basically that’s what this is about fun christmas game for Android. Without a doubt, the most surprising thing about Santa Christmas Infinite Track is a 3D world full of many Christmas details that make us feel all the emotion of this beautiful time of year.

With any of the three that you download, fun is guaranteed. If you have been left wanting more, you can visit the following link to learn about 3 other Christmas games that should not be missing from your mobile. Merry Christmas!