How To Win Every Time In Mortal Kombat


When it comes to fighting games, Mortal Kombat is one of the most influential franchises in the industry. However, many people find that its challenging gameplay and poor instruction leaves them wondering how they can win every time. This guide will show you how to win every time in Mortal Kombat.

How to Win Every Time when Playing Mortal Kombat

If you’re looking to win every time you play Mortal Kombat, here are a few tips to follow. First and foremost, make sure you are using the right characters and combos for the situation at hand. Secondly, always be prepared to use your defensive moves. Finally, use your finishing moves wisely, as they can turn the tide of a battle in your favor! Now that you know the basics, you can use them to get an edge over your opponents. If one of these techniques does not work, there is a good chance that another will. Of course, you will have to practice them all until you become a virtuoso at using these techniques to your advantage. As always, do not hesitate to ask for help if any steps are unclear.

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There is no one definitive way to win in Mortal Kombat, as the game is all about adapting and using your opponent’s weaknesses to your advantage. However, by following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of the fighting game!

1. Master the Deadly Arts of War

To win in Mortal Kombat, you first have to learn how to fight. The game is all about dodging and countering attacks, so practice often and become comfortable with the controls. When playing against other players, try to use your environment to your advantage – for example, throw projectiles at opponents from above or use walls to block incoming blows.

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2. Utilize Special Moves and Fatalities

Once you’ve learned how to fight effectively, it’s time to start using special moves and fatalities. Each character has his or her own unique set of moves that can prove decisive in a fight – learn them all and use them when the opportunity arises! Additionally, be sure to utilize the environment – some Fatalities even require you to break objects or enter specific areas.

Best Special Moves in Mortal Kombat

If you’re looking to win every time in Mortal Kombat, you need to master the best special moves available to you. Here are five of the best:

1. The Lightning Bolt: Stun your opponent with a powerful blast of energy.

2. The Head Crusher: Knock your opponent unconscious with a powerful uppercut.

3. The Flying Kick: Use this move to launch your opponent into the air, where they can be easily dispatched.

4. The Scorpion Strike: Use this move to deliver a powerful kick to the face that will leave your opponent incapacitated.

5. The Fatality: This deadly move can instantly kill your opponent, no matter how strong or well-protected they may be.

Enemies you’ll encounter in Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat players will come across a wide array of enemies during their epic battles. Here is a guide to defeating each one with ease.

Baraka: Baraka is an imposing figure, and rightly so as he is one of the most powerful characters in the game. His main attack is a sweeping kick that can knock you off your feet. Use quick reflexes to block this attack, then follow up with a combo.

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Kano: Kano is another powerful adversary, and he’s skilled in swordsmanship and martial arts. His attacks are fast and furious, so be ready to block and retaliate. Keep your distance until he starts to tire, then take advantage of his vulnerability by attacking him from behind.

Tanya: Tanya is a sorceress who can cast powerful spells that can damage you severely. Be sure to keep your distance when she starts casting her spells; once she gets close, she’ll use her staff to hit you with magical energy blasts.

Shao Kahn: Shao Kahn is the emperor of Outworld and one of the most fearsome opponents in the game.

Which Edition of the Game to Purchase?

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Mortal Kombat experience, it’s important to purchase the correct edition. Here’s a guide on which edition is right for you:

The Original Game: If you’re a die-hard Mortal Kombat fan and have never played on an older console, or if you just want to play the original game without any added features, the Original Game is for you. It’s the cheapest option and comes with all of the original content, including fatalities and hidden sub-missions.

The Updated Game: If you’re looking for more features and greater graphics, the Updated Game is for you. It includes all of the updates made to the game since its original release in 1997, including new characters, fatalities, and arenas.

The Legacy Edition: If you’re a big fan of the series and want everything that was included in both the Updated Game and the Original Game, go for the Legacy Edition. It’s pricey at $60 but includes everything mentioned above as well as exclusive bonus materials not found in other editions.

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fatalities are the best ways to win

If you’re looking for an easy way to win in Mortal Kombat, fatalities are the way to go. Here are five of the best moves to use when trying to win every time.

1) Fatality 1 – This move is great for taking out multiple opponents at once. Just perform a combo that includes fatality 1 and you’ll be sure to take out your enemies quickly and easily.

2) Fatality 2 – This move is especially deadly if used correctly. It can take out an opponent in one hit, so make sure to aim it well.

3) Fatality 3 – This move is perfect for taking out large groups of opponents. It’s also the most damaging fatality in the game, so use it wisely.

4) Fatality 4 – This move is perfect for taking out low-level opponents. It’s fast and powerful, making it a great choice for taking down pesky opponents.

5) Fatality 5 – This move is perfect for taking out big bosses. It’s slow but powerful, so make sure to use it correctly if you want to win the fight quickly and easily.

guide for strength and weakness

The Mortal Kombat series is one of the most popular Fighting Games ever, and for good reason. With its fast-paced, gory gameplay and iconic characters ,MK has a following that is not to be underestimated. If you’re looking to up your game in MK and win every time, this guide is for you.


First and foremost, know your opponent. Knowing their habits, strengths and weaknesses will give you an edge in the matchup. Also, familiarize yourself with the various combos and moves available in the game. Once you have a good idea of what your opponent is capable of, start playing more cautiously. Show them respect by playing smart and relying on your own strengths.

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But don’t be afraid to go all out if you think you can pull off a successful combo or get an advantageous position. Just remember that every fight is unique, so don’t get too ___y – victory may not be as easy as it seems!

tips for successfully winning a fight

If you’re looking for a way to dominate your opponents in Mortal Kombat, look no further. Here are some tips to help you win every time in the game:

1. Use The Right Moves

There’s a lot of potential moves that can be used in Mortal Kombat, so make sure to experiment and find which ones work best for you. Try using combos or using specific moves to take down your foes quickly.

2. Remain adaptable

If your opponent is able to land a move on you, don’t be afraid to use your own moves to block or counterattack. Just keep an eye out for opportunities and stay on your toes!

3. Master The Krypt

The krypt is an important part of the game and can be used to your advantage if you know how to use it. Be sure to learn all of its secrets so that you can take down your foes easily.


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