How to Lock onto a Target in Monster Hunter Rise


If you’ve been playing Monster Hunter games for a while, you might already know how to lock onto a target in Monster Hunter: World. However, it might be helpful for those newer players to know how the targeting system works.

How to Lock onto a Target

In Monster Hunter: Rise, the player has the ability to lock onto targets and fire off shots at them. This can be helpful in taking down large monsters or avoiding dangerous situations. Here are four tips on how to lock onto a target and fire off shots:

1. Position yourself near the target. If you’re using the 3DS version, aim your crosshairs directly at the target. If you’re using the Wii U version, position yourself so that your character is facing the target and use the L button to lock on.

2. Make sure your weapon is prepared for battle. Be sure to charge up your shots before taking on a big monster!

3. Keep an eye on your surroundings. If you’re locked onto a target, be aware of any nearby threats so you can take them out first!

4. Use your shot timing skills to take down your target! Try firing off shots in quick succession to take down a large monster quickly.

What are the Main Heads in Monster Hunter Rise?

One of the first things you’ll need to learn in Monster Hunter: Rise is how to lock onto a target. In this guide, we’ll show you the different heads and explain how to target them.

There are three main heads in Monster Hunter: Rise – the stag, the dog, and the boar. The stag head is your default head, and it’s used for attacking from mid-range. The dog head is used for melee attacks, and the boar head is for using ranged attacks.

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To lock onto a target, you first need to identify which head the target is using. To do this, look at the enemy’s icon on the bottom left of your screen. The icon will change depending on which head the enemy is using. If the enemy is using the stag head, their icon will be a shield with a Stag symbol inside it. If they’re using the dog head, their icon will be a bone with a Dog symbol inside it. If they’re using the boar head, their icon will be a bolt with a Boar symbol inside it.

How to Use the Basic Bows, Sword, Lance, and Gun

In Monster Hunter: Rise, the basic bows, sword, lance, and gun are all very important tools for slaying monsters. In this blog post, we will teach you how to lock onto a target with each of these weapons.

For the bow, you need to aim at the target and hold down the R1 button. You will then be able to move the aiming reticule around to find the perfect spot for your arrow. Once you have found your target, release the R1 button to fire your arrow.

For the sword and lance, you will need to aim in front of you and press X to ready your weapon. Then, use the left stick to move the aiming reticule around until you have found your target. When you have located your target, press Y to attack.

For the gun, you will first need to select your ammo by pressing triangle while in midair. After selecting your ammo, aim at your target and press square to fire.

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Tips for Gathering and Hunting Monsters

Looking to hunt monsters in Monster Hunter: Rise and capture their powerful weapons and armor? Here are some tips for gathering and hunting the beasts!

1. Start with a map. Hunting big monsters in Monster Hunter: Rise is all about location, location, location. Knowing where all the hotspots are will make your life a lot easier. And having a map handy can help you track down those elusive targets.

2. Use bait and traps. If you want to take down a monster that’s hard to find, consider using bait or traps to lure them in. Monsters love eating things, so setting a trap with some delicious meat could work like magic. And if you’re using bait, be sure to set it up away from your base camp so you don’t get disturbed during your hunt!

3. Take along plenty of supplies. Whether you’re hunting small creatures or big ones, always make sure you have plenty of supplies on hand. This includes food, weapons, and armor – everything you’ll need to take down your target!

4. Be prepared for the fight of your life. When hunting monsters in Monster Hunter: Rise, don’t be surprised if things go from bad to worse quickly.

how to target multiple targets

In Monster Hunter: Rise, it can be difficult to lock on to multiple targets at the same time.

1) Keep your focus on the target you want to hit. If your focus is wavering, you will not be able to hit your target.

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2) Try to use ranged weapons or tools that do not require close range targeting in order to hit multiple targets. For example, using a bow and arrow allows you to hit distant targets easily.

3) Use items that give you a bonus when targeting multiple targets, such as the Multi-shot Bow or the Dragon Sword’s Aerial Slash ability.

4) When fighting large monsters, it can be helpful to have allies help you target specific body parts. Position yourself near one of the monster’s limbs and let your allies attack the limb while you lock onto another target.

choose the right weapon for you

When it comes to slaying monsters in Monster Hunter: Rise, the right weapon is essential. Whether you’re using a bow and arrow, a spear, or a sword and shield, the right tool for the job is essential for success. But what about when you want to lock onto a target? In this guide, we’ll teach you how to do just that with any weapon in Monster Hunter: Rise!

Monster Hunter: How to Lock onto a Target in Monster Hunter Rise

When hunting in Monster Hunter, it can be difficult to accurately aim your weapon and hit your target. This is especially true if the target is moving around a lot. In this article, we will show you how to lock onto a target so that you can hit them more easily.

There are a few different weapons that you can use in Monster Hunter, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will focus on the Bow and Arrow.

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The Bow and Arrow are both very versatile weapons, capable of hitting targets at a distance or up close. However, they have different lock-on mechanics.

The Bow requires you to hold down the R3 button to lock-on to a target. Once locked-on, you can then release the button to fire your arrow. The Arrow requires you to simply hold down the L3 button and let go when you want to fire.

Both weapons have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the Bow is better at hitting targets at a distance, but it takes longer to reload than the Arrow.


Monster Hunter: Rise is a game that requires you to lock onto your target and take down the creature. In order to do this, you’ll need to aim correctly and use the environment around you as leverage. To help with this process, I’ve put together a guide on how to lock onto a target in Monster Hunter: Rise so that you can have more success taking down monsters.



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