How To Leave Your Enemies In The Dust With These Apex Legends Finishers


The last moments of Apex Legends are always dramatic, so it’s no surprise that the eventual outcome is never exactly the same. Whether you’re winning or losing, these unbeatable strategies will help bring your enemy to their knees.


There’s no need to be friends with your enemies in Apex Legends – you can leave them in the dust with these finishers!

1. Nudge – Use your Nudge ability to knock your enemies off their feet, giving you an advantage in combat.

2. Shockwave – Use your Shockwave ability to send a powerful shock wave through the ground, knocking enemies up and out of the way.

3. Stick ’em With a Pin – Use your Stick ’em ability to pin an enemy against a wall or other surface, rendering them defenseless.

4. Air Strike – Deploy an Air Strike to take out multiple enemies at once with devastating impact.

What Are Apex Legends Finishers?

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game that pits teams of people against each other in a fight to the death. Finishers are special attacks that players can use to finish their enemies off. Here are four of the most powerful Apex Legends finishers:

The Jump Kick: This finisher launches the player high into the air, perfect for taking out enemies from great distances.

The Storm Bow: This powerful weapon fires arrows that explode on impact, dealing significant damage to nearby enemies.

The Dragon Strike: This powerful finisher summons a dragon to fly overhead and attack enemies, dealing massive damage in a radius.

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The Glider: This manoeuvre allows players to launch themselves into the air and escape danger.

How To Perform Some Apex Legends Finishers

Some of the best Apex Legends players in the world know how to finish their enemies off with some powerful finishers.

1. Shock Jockey: This is a move where you jump up and air-shoot your shotgun at your enemy, stunning them for a short period of time. This can be used to take down opponents from far away or after they’ve taken down other members of your team.

2. Blast Zone: This is a move where you drop down onto an enemy and detonate an energy blast that knocks them back. This can be used to take down opponents who are close to you, or to put them into an incapacitating state.

3. Torque Bomb: This is a move where you shoot out a bomb at your enemy that will send them flying backwards. This can be used as an anti-air attack, or to knock opponents off of high platforms or cliffs.

4. U-turn: This is a move where you turn around and run away from your enemies, quickly closing the gap between you and them again once you’ve reached safety.

The Best Ways to Use Apex Legends Finishers

Apex Legends is a fast-paced, action-packed game that can be difficult to master. But with a few well-timed finishers, you can easily take down your enemies. Here are four of the best Apex Legends finishers to use in your battles:

1. Shockwave – This powerful finishing move sends your enemies flying into the air, and can be devastating when used in conjunction with other abilities.

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2. Dragon’s Breath – This high-powered shot fires a giant dragon out of your gun, causing significant damage to any nearby enemies.

3. Spark – This ability causes an electrical field to form around you, damaging any enemy who comes within range.

4. Groove – This stunning move causes your enemies to dance in place for a few seconds, allowing you to take them down with ease.

How to leave your enemies in the dust with these Apex Legends finishers!

In Apex Legends, team play is essential to victory. In order to successfully invade and take down the enemy base, you’ll need a strategy. Here are three of the best team strategies for invading the enemy base:

1. Use your air strikes to take out key enemy structures.

An air strike can easily take out an enemy turret or building, disrupting their defenses and helping your team secure the area. When using air strikes, be sure to coordinate your attacks with your teammates so that they can maximize their damage potential.

2. Deploy Sentries and Tanks to hold down key areas.

Deploying sentries and tanks can help protect important areas on the map from being taken by the enemy. By holding down these areas, your team will be able to prevent the enemy from securing crucial territory.

3. Use minions to distract and distract the enemy.

Minions can be a great way to distract and disorganize your enemies. By keeping them busy, you’ll be able to more easily take down their defenses.

applying finishers to the game

How To Equip Your Badges In Apex Legends

There are a lot of finishers in Apex Legends that can help you take down your enemies quickly and efficiently. Here are three of the best finishers for taking down enemies quickly and easily:

The Dragon Punch: This is probably the most famous and common finisher in Apex Legends. The Dragon Punch forces your enemy to the ground, where you can then finish them off with a few quick shots.

The Impale: Another classic Apex Legends finisher, The Impale involves jumping onto your enemy and stabbing them in the chest. This can be incredibly deadly, as it often results in a kill.

The Slice: The Slice is a unique finisher that involves slicing an enemy in half with your sword. This can be extremely lethal, as it often results in a kill.

how to execute a finisher in apex legends

Apex legends is a fast-paced, competitive online shooter that requires quick reflexes and sharp execution to win. The game has a variety of different finishers that can quickly turn the tables on your opponents, so mastering these moves is essential for victory.

Here are four of the most devastating apex legends finishers you can use to take down your opponents:

1. Shockwave – This move sends a shockwave out in a straight line that knocks enemies back. Use it to stun enemies or hit them with follow-up attacks.

2. Double Shotgun Blast – This finisher combo blasts two shotgun rounds simultaneously at an enemy, dealing damage and knocking them back. Make sure to aim carefully for the head to inflict maximum damage.

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3. Dragon Strike – This powerful move unleashes a dragon’s breath onto an enemy, dealing damage and stunning them. Use it to knock enemies off their feet or finish them off with follow-up attacks.

4. Rift Spike – After charging up, this finisher launches a spike out of the ground that damages and staggers enemies in its path.

which apex legends finishers to use and when

There are many apex legends finishers to choose from, but some of the most common and effective are Dragonblade, Electric Field, and Crossbow.

Dragonblade is a powerful finisher that can be used to quickly finish off an opponent. The Electric Field can be used to create a protective field around yourself or your allies, protecting them from enemy fire while you finish them off. Crossbow is a slow but powerful finisher that can be used to take down opponents from a distance.


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